How much money do you spend on soft drinks, coffee, tea, or other beverages each day?  I know I spend plenty! Well, what if I told you that there are millions of people in countries all over the world who have to worry about when they will have their next drink of the beverage that you and me spend money trying to avoid: water.  Kinda changes your opinion on the clear stuff, right?

In 2007, students at Texas A&M started the 10 Days Project, where you drink nothing but water for 10 days and donate the money you save to build water wells in Africa.  Even in hard economic times, we are truly blessed in America to have running water at our disposal 24/7 and sometimes forget how much of a difference that really makes.  We are able to work, learn, and have free time every once in a while because we don't have to spend hours each day getting water. This year, the proceeds are going to build wells in Rwanda so that those communities can have a better future.

Lauren and I invite you to join us in drinking nothing but water from October 10th - October 19th.

Here is the link to donate and find out more about the program: