It's that time again!  Every four years...and no, I'm not referring to the Olympics!  On November 6th, our nation will elect the next President and we will have to be able to tolerate seeing that person on TV over and over and over and over....again for four full years.  But besides having to tolerate them on TV, we will also have to deal with their policies and the effects that those policies have on us today and in the future.  The positive here though is that after November 6th, we can finally get a break from the nonstop exaggeration and lies/untruths (whatever you wish to call them) that go into a Presidential campaign.

If you're reading this blog, you are probably old enough to vote, and old enough to have an educated opinion about who to vote for.  But what if your spouse has a different opinion and supports the other guy?  What if your spouse or fiance is just...WRONG?  I would imagine that most of the time, spouses probably see eye to eye on politics and have similar views on the important things.  That is not the case with every marriage though.  I believe that the three toughest things to overcome in a marriage are differing views on money, religion, and POLITICS!

How can my husband to be vote for someone who believes in X?

How can my wife be so blind not to see through that lie?

So what should the game plan be for a marriage where one person will be voting for Romney and the other for Obama on election day?  Well, how about making a movie night or date night out of it instead of going to the polls?  Your votes will just cancel each other out anyway, right?  So, why don't you suggest that plan of action to your spouse and then if they agree...just cast your vote early!  That way, your spouse doesn't cancel your vote.  I'm only kidding of shouldn't follow the example set by the candidates and lie to get ahead, especially to your spouse!

On election day, just talk about the weather.  In fact, talk about anything but politics.  You're probably not going to be able to change their mind anyway.  You love each other, so why fight about it?  If all else fails, I hear the Cayman Islands are pretty nice.  Maybe you could move into a house that you didn't build and watch reruns of Big Bird on Sesame Street!

Happy voting!