There are so many choices that come into play in the wedding planning process. From flowers and color schemes to food and favors, each decision contributes to making your dream wedding a reality. To help define your vision and narrow down your ideas creating an inspirational board can be very beneficial.  Pinterest is quite famously a place where brides can find ideas for every aspect of their wedding, but when you start seeing the same pins over and over there is somewhere else to find some fresh ideas!

This websie is Wedding Gawker. Wedding gawker is essentially a pinterest that is completely devoted to all things wedding!  It has many different categories that allows you to effortlessly post it to the social media of your choice, pinterest included. So next time you are looking for some inspiration try wedding gawker! You will not be disappointed!

Of course, here are some pictures to give you a taste of everything this fabulous website has to offer:


With love,

The Girls of Ellanesque


Photo Credit: All images can be found on Wedding Gawker